In this web series, you'll learn why audio analysis is necessary for all police departments, and how Truleo can help mitigate risk.

In this video, we will answer the following critical questions:

1. Why less than 0.1% of police departments are reviewing their body camera data?

 2. Why wearing body cameras alone is not enough to instill trust in law enforcement transparency?

3. Why do police departments need analysis to identify areas for improvement and best practices to broadcast & replicate?

1. How to Build Trust Within Your Community

In this video, we dig deeper into gaps that exist by answering the following questions:

1. What are the risks in law enforcement?

2. How are departments looking at managing risk?

3. How do you choose which videos to audit, to assess performance?

2. How to Mitigate Risk in Today's Policing Landscape


"Wouldn't it be great to use Truleo as technology to provide the hard data that shows officers get it right. 95 97, 99% of the time. And if at times they don't, the agency's made aware of it early and takes measures to intervene and address the issue." 

Dr. Strategic Partnerships, Truleo
Formet Lt. Police, Oakland PD

In this video, we will review Truleo's 3 unique reports:

1. Risk management

2. Event classification

3. Report customization

3. How to Effectively Analyze Body Cam Reports

At Truleo, we maintain a secure and CJIS compliant process to ensure your data remains your data at all times.


In this video, you'll learn how your agency can maintain appropriate data security and CJIS compliance.

4. How to Maintain Data Confidentiality and CIJS Compliance

In this 5th and final video, we discuss Truleo's mission and dedication to supporting police agencies in building trust within their communities

5. Build Trust By Analyzing Police/Community Interactions


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