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How Truleo Protects Civilian Privacy

Body-worn camera footage can train police officers on effective tactics for de-escalating a potential use of force scenario. However, they can also present potential civilian privacy issues.

Truleo focuses on responsible transcription and uses several layers of protection to ensure civilian privacy. 

Interaction-focused transcription

Truleo’s transcription model focuses only on the conversation between an officer and the individuals they are interacting with. All other conversations are ignored by our speech transcription model.

Officer ID

Truleo uses a voice fingerprint of the officer wearing a camera to separate their speech from other speakers (other officers and civilians). Truleo only identifies the officer wearing the camera and anonymizes all other speakers.


Truleo can automatically redact personal identifiable information (PII) within officers’ speech to protect civilian privacy. This includes names, addresses, license plates, drivers license numbers, and so on.

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