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Using Body-Worn Camera Data to Improve Your Agency

I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Daniel Zehnder who is the founder and president of Principis Group, a BWC training and consulting firm, and a retired Captain with Las Vegas Metro PD. Daniel has assisted departments across the country navigate

the complex issues related to implementing, managing, sustaining and supporting an effective body-worn camera program.

We had a great discussion about how valuable BWC data can be to an organization, how to extract that data, and how to use the information gleaned to improve a law enforcement organization.

Police agencies, regardless of their size, own everything that is on every BWC video it captures, and there is an unstated expectation from the public that someone inside the agency is looking at those videos to identify problems.

Why using BWC Data is Important?

  • Officer performance: Gain visibility into officer performance in the field

  • Training: Identifying trainings needs

  • Policy and Procedures: Identify if policies are being followed, and measure outcomes of policy implementation

  • Quality of Supervision: Compare and contrast teams’ performances (positive and negative trends)