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Truleo Releases “Responsible Transcription”


Technology Helps Police Comply with Civilian Privacy Laws


CHICAGO, IL, March 14th, 2023

Truleo, the leading provider of automated body camera review and analysis technology for law enforcement, today announced the release of Responsible Transcription™, a process that automatically separates and redacts civilian data during body camera transcription.

Truleo processes body camera videos for departments across the country to help automate supervision, facilitate coaching, and promote police professionalism. The technology automatically detects critical events such as use-of-force, pursuits, frisking, and non-compliance incidents and screens for both professional and unprofessional officer language to enable supervisor praise or review.

Many police departments around the country transcribe their body camera videos but do not separate officer and civilian language. Raw transcription not only creates an administrative burden of having to sort through false positives trying to decipher what was said by the officer, but it may soon also require the department to redact any personally identifiable civilian data (PII) that was transcribed.

Since the start of 2023, at least 15 biometric privacy law proposals have emerged across 11 states with the stated goal of protecting civilian privacy. Earlier this month, On March 3 California Assembly Member Lori Wilson amended her bill AB-1034, on facial recognition and other biometric surveillance”, to include banning law enforcement from installing “surveillance systems” in connection with their body cameras. “Surveillance information” is defined as personally identifiable civilian data. If this bill passes, it may change the way police departments currently transcribe their body cameras.

Truleo has released a set of capabilities referred to as “Responsible Transcription™” that uses several layers of protection to ensure civilian privacy, such as auto-redaction of any civilian PII and filtering out civilian speech entirely. Truleo’s multi-layer approach to responsible transcription enables the highest level of civilian privacy within the industry.

If police departments transcribe their body camera videos, they will likely have to redact civilian PII,” said Anthony Tassone, CEO of Truleo. “We need to dramatically lessen the administrative burden we place on officers. Our ability to separate officer from civilian speech, which drives our auto-redaction capability, is another example of our commitment to innovation that helps police officers to do their jobs well while continuing to help the public.”


About Truleo

Truleo analyzes police body camera videos using artificial intelligence to help promote police professionalism. Truleo worked with FBI National Academy alumni to build the models that deconstruct officers’ language into professionalism and risk metrics to help agencies promote best practices, train new officers, and mitigate risk. To learn more about Truleo’s mission to improve trust in the police with body camera analytics, visit

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