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Truleo: Problem and Solution

We’re the #1 provider of automated body camera reviews! Our AI-revolutionizing technology measures officer professionalism. Find out how we're taking charge and making change.

Trust in the Police is at a Record Low

Millions of body camera videos are stored in the cloud yearly but are rarely reviewed. A Post-ABC poll surveyed over 1,000 U.S. adults between January 27th and February 1st: They discovered that only 39% of participants trust that police are properly trained to use force. (Source).

This is the lowest confidence level in police training the Post-ABC poll has ever recorded. These numbers declined 5% in 2021, with a 15% overall decline from the first survey in 2014.

In 2022, a Gallup poll showed that 45% of surveyed American adults are confident in the police. This is a 3% decrease from George Floyd's murder in 2020, when results were at 48%. (Source).

How We’re Bridging the Gap!

It is crucial that police interactions are reviewed to ensure all parties are held accountable - the full story must be told. Our revolutionary technology automatically processes 100% of BWC data and produces timely, actionable reports!

The body-cam market is projected to grow 70%+ per year by 2030. We're proud to say we've deployed across 15 police departments & have booked $1.5M in 2022. We believe we are positioned to double our deployments to 30 early adopter departments by the end of 2023!

If that wasn't enough, Truleo is catching massive traction. For the 1st time ever, the Department of Justice has issued a grant to fund the usage of footage for training and constitutionally rooted policing.

Take Action Today!

We’re tapping into a massive $10 billion market targeting 18,000 departments in the U.S.! Make a difference right from your phone! Take action and join the Truleo community today on StartEngine.

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