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Truleo Partners with FBI National Academy Associates, Inc.

Truleo’s Automated Body Camera Platform Measures Police Professionalism

CHICAGO, IL, June 28th, 2022 - Truleo, the leading provider of automated body camera review and analysis technology for law enforcement, announced a new membership benefit campaign today with the FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. (FBINAA). In addition, Chief Ken Truver, Borough of Castle Shannon (PA), has agreed to join Truleo’s board of advisors.

Truleo analyzes police body camera videos using artificial intelligence to help promote police professionalism. The technology first transcribes the officer’s and civilian’s audio and then scores the police-civilian interaction based on the words, events, and outcome of the interaction. Truleo worked with FBINAA alumni to deconstruct professionalism and risk into eight components; formality, politeness, explanation, gratitude, profanity, directed profanity, threats, and insults. Each component is weighted and summed to return an overall score for either professionalism or risk. The result is a set of metrics that enables command staff to quickly mitigate risky officer behavior and surface objective and data-driven training examples that can be used to increase officer professionalism.

“The FBINAA represent the top 1% of police and we worked hard to encapsulate their very high level of professional standards into our product. About 90% of police interactions are professional, and we can highlight that to help a department promote best practices,” said Anthony Tassone, CEO of Truleo. “We can also identify why the other 10% are not and then help an officer understand which language they should use to improve professionalism, which directly leads to more civilian gratitude, compliance, and officer safety.”

“Truleo’s metrics help police departments to ensure they maintain the absolute highest levels of professionalism for their communities,” said Chief Truver, I believe in Truleo’s mission and will continue to guide their technology as a member of their board of advisors.”

Truleo’s charges a per camera, per month fee for each of its police department customers but does not charge for any user who is a U.S military veteran. As a result of the campaign, Truleo will now waive all fees for any FBINAA active member as well and apply a 10% discount to the entire department from which that active member is employed.

About Truleo

Truleo provides automated review and analysis of police body camera data. Truleo’s customer service metrics help agencies promote best practices, train new officers, and mitigate risk. To learn more about Truleo’s mission to improve trust in the police with body camera analytics, visit

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