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Torrance PD, 1st L.A. Area Police Department To Leverage Body Camera A.I. For Training.



  • Automate the review of 100% of Body Camera videos

  • Decrease the administrative burden of BWC review

  • Surface and promote officer professionalism

  • Monitor officer wellness

  • Increase community trust


63,000 hours

of footage reviewed per year


event recognition


Truleo Overview

Most departments have BWCs but due to time and personnel constraints, less than 0.01% of footage is ever reviewed. Converting this data into an asset that police can use to train officers and highlight professional interactions, is the key to rebuilding community trust. Truleo auto-classifies significant events such as a Use of Force, Pursuit, Frisk, and Non-compliance and scores officer language as either “Highly Professional”, “Standard” or “Risky”.


Why Professionalism Matters?

It’s proven that Officers who are highly professional encounter less civilian non-compliance and less use of force. These officers and community members are happier and safer. Officers who engage in unprofessional language such as profanity, insults, and threats encounter more bad outcomes, are seen as less legitimate, less trustworthy, and have lower wellness scores. Improving officer professionalism is fundamental to rebuilding and sustaining community trust.

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