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Progressing the Impact of Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy within Law Enforcement

In a Clubhouse event earlier this year, Truleo Co-Founder & CEO Anthony Tassone and VP Product Hallie Aston were joined by retired Assistant Chief of Police Anthony Trevino to discuss police legitimacy and procedural justice and their growing importance within the law enforcement community. This article summarizes the discussion, the what and why of these concepts and how body camera analytics can play a meaningful role in progress in these areas.

About Chief Trevino

In addition to serving as Assistant Chief of Police for the San Antonio PD, Chief Trevino was a police officer for 23 years and served as a Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force. During his tenure, Chief Trevino collected numerous prestigious accolades and was nominated by The Department of Justice for the Crime Suppression Award. Today, he sits on several technology committees as he continues to seek ways to serve the public.

In San Antonio, Chief Trevino acted as President of the Hispanic Police Officer Organization and was a member of the Black Officer Coalition. He also pioneered the deployment of San Antonio’s body-worn camera program which became a national model.

In 2021, Truleo brought Chief Trevino on as a strategic advisor to help inform our approach to helping police departments improve performance with body camera analytics.

Procedural justice: what is it and why is it important?

Procedural justice is founded on four key principles:

  1. treat others with dignity and respect

  2. give citizens a voice during an encounter

  3. exercise neutral decision making