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Oxford Becomes First Police Department in Alabama to Adopt Body Camera Analytics

Automated Body Camera Review and Analysis Platform Delivers Customer Service Metrics Empowering Police Departments to Optimize Officer Training and Accountability.

CHICAGO, IL, May 5th, 2022 - Truleo, the leading provider of automated body camera review and analysis technology for law enforcement, today announced that Oxford Police Department has signed on to leverage the company’s body camera data analysis platform. Truleo delivers customer service metrics by analyzing police-civilian interactions in order to help build trust in law enforcement.

Law enforcement continues to struggle to keep up with the overwhelming volume of data generated by police body-worn cameras with less than 0.1% of footage being analyzed. Truleo’s body camera analytics platform converts 100% of this data into searchable “Baseball Card Stats for Cops.” Truleo leverages natural language processing (NLP) to automatically both classify events as well as analyze the language the officer uses. Truleo then outputs metrics that enable command staff to identify both high levels of professionalism as well as any risky officer behavior. This technology bridges the gap between the public and the police, providing unprecedented insights into everyday interactions.

“The vast majority of police interactions are positive,” said Anthony Tassone, CEO of Truleo. “We can also identify officers with low customer service scores so that command staff can be aware and take corrective actions. I have a great deal of respect for Chief Partridge, who is an early adopter committed to leveraging cutting edge A.I. technology to promote Oxford’s extremely high level of professionalism.

“I am excited to be the first department in Alabama to use Truleo,” said Bill Partridge, Chief of Police for Oxford PD. “We will leverage Truleo to create quality-of-service metrics. These metrics will enable our department to ensure we maintain the absolute highest levels of professionalism for our community.”

About Truleo

Truleo provides automated review and analysis of police body camera data.Truleo’s customer service metrics help agencies promote best practices, train new officers and mitigate risk. To learn more about Truleo’s mission to improve trust in the police with body camera analytics, visit

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