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CNN Video Feature With CEO Anthony Tassone

Truleo was founded after George Floyd was murdered in May of 2020. We believe our AI body camera analytics has the power to prevent such tragedies. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich covered our story to illuminate our revolutionary technology!

You can watch the full video here.

CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich: “What would Truleo's involvement have been in a situation like Tyre Nichols?”

CEO Anthony Tassone: "I feel very strongly that Truleo not only would have recognized the event of the murder of Tyre Nichols... But the hundreds of events that took place prior to that. I believe Truleo would have prevented the death of Tyre because it would have detected the deterioration in the officer's behavior years prior."

National Support Across Police Departments

Less than 1% of officer video footage is reviewed. Our AI technology detects and pinpoints unprofessional encounters for review. Keep note that we’re not proposing what we intend to do; we’re actively doing it.

  • 36% decrease in the use of force.

  • 50% reduction in complaints and fees relating to legal issues.

  • 90% reduction in supervisor time spent reviewing footage.

"If we see just a little change in the officer's performance... We'll be able to actually intervene early on, get them help, get them counseling, get them training, do whatever it takes to get back on the right track." Art Acevedo, Chief of the Aurora Police Dept.

"We invested a lot of money in body cameras to improve accountability, and Truleo helps us earn a higher return on that investment for our community."Jorge Cisneros, Chief of the Anaheim Police Department.

Take Action and Invest Today!

We are positioned to double our deployments to 30 early adopter departments by the end of 2023. Make a difference right from your phone. Your small actions can lead to a BIG impact. Visit our raise page on StartEngine to learn more!

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