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Avoiding Blindspots

How Organizational Assessments Can Improve Your Police Agency

I had the opportunity recently to catch up with Retired Chief Ed Medrano to discuss Organizational Assessments for police agencies.

Chief Medrano has over thirty years experience in public service, including eleven years as a Police Chief and two years as a City Manager. He's been the President of both the California Police Chiefs Association and The Los Angeles County Police Chiefs Association, and recently served the Attorney General as the Chief of the Division of Law Enforcement (DLE) for the CA Department of Justice.

Chief Medrano has been conducting assessments of police agencies across the country for 10 years, so he had some great insights to share with us.

We talked about why organizational assessments are important, how they should be conducted and by whom, and the benefits that these assessments can provide to a police agency.

To learn more, you can watch the recording of our conversation or download our summary document via the links below.