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A Proactive Approach to Improving Performance

Dr. Mike Knetzger is a utility player.

Not only is he a nearly 30-year veteran of the Green Bay Police Department where he currently works as a Patrol Sergeant, a Department of Justice Unified Tactical Trainer, adjunct college instructor, and an author, he also holds a doctoral degree in criminal justice management.

Needless to say, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and I had a great time interviewing him in this wide-ranging discussion.

We talked about using BWC data proactively rather than reactively, strategies to improve human performance, and he discussed his research on BWC in use of force investigations.

One of my favorite points he made was this: “Law enforcement across the country has more video footage than all professional sports teams combined.”

To hear more about how law enforcement can proactively improve performance, follow the links below to watch a recording of our conversation or download our summary document.

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How Can Truleo Help

Truleo is an automated Body Worn Camera (BWC) review and analysis platform that provides daily assessments of how officers are interacting with members of the community.

Less than 1% of BWC data is ever reviewed. Law enforcement agencies don’t have the time or resources to review it all.

Truleo is able to review and analyze 100% of an agency’s data and identify incidents that warrant human review, saving time and money, improving quality of service metrics, and building trust with the community they serve.

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