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Strategic Communication to Avoid Escalation

Examine real-world interactions captured on body-worn camera and practice preventing escalation through strategic communication

The right language can avoid escalation

As a law enforcement officer, you will often encounter interactions that are escalating into a potentially violent situation. De-escalation techniques offer you tools to reduce the intensity of these interactions and potentially avoid the use of force. However, many scenarios offer the opportunity to avoid escalation in the first place.


Strategic communication is one of these techniques that can be used in a heated situation to gain better compliance from community members and avoid escalation. It requires choosing the right language, the right words, to better communicate your actions before you take them.

Module 3 - Introduction.gif

Examine research on how language escalates and de-escalates scenarios

Distinguish the impacts of commands, unprofessional language, and explanation on the escalation of an interaction

Judge possible communication techniques given a real-world body-cam video interaction and construct language to avoid escalating them

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