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Strategic Communication and Professionalism

In this course you will learn

How language can be analyzed

The elements of Professionalism

Recognizing unprofessional language as risk

Why strategic communication matters

More about the course

Law enforcement interacts with members of the community every day, and these interactions are arguably the most important part of law enforcement. The best of these interactions are ones where the officers are professional, they refrain from using risky language like profanity, and they provide more explanations than commands. Positive interactions lead to fewer instances of noncompliance, thus making these interactions safer for officers and the community.

This course will increase the participant’s professionalism and reduce their risk when interacting with the community by deconstructing and examining the elements of professional language.


Through video interviews with industry leaders, Natural Language Processing analysis models developed in conjunction with the top 1% of law enforcement, and hands-on analysis of real-world incidents captured on body-camera footage, this interactive course will help officers increase professionalism, reduce risk, and provides officers with de-escalation tools for every encounter.

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