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How Truleo Supports Patrol Officers

Truleo enables departments to celebrate officers who demonstrate high professionalism, surface areas of improvement for training, and improve officer wellness across the department. It’s a win for the department and unions. We take several steps to ensure Truleo’s analysis supports patrol officers.


Truleo only analyzes the words spoken; tone, cadence, frequency, and other subjective characteristics are not analyzed. 


Truleo highlights the many professional interactions that officers have every day. This helps departments understand an officer’s full performance history so one bad day doesn’t overshadow years of good ones.


Truleo flags officer unprofessionalism, but every instance must be verified by a supervisor before those instances appear in our wellness dashboard.


While state laws can differ, Truleo metrics are protected by laws that prevent automatic disclosure of data that is used for officer performance.

Truleo for Civilians

Truleo’s audio analysis only focuses on officer speech and can disregard transcripts from civilians. Truleo offers auto-redaction capabilities to hide personal identifiable information spoken by officers, ensuring complete civilian privacy.

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