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Invest Early For Maximum Return

Truleo's AI body cam analytics software is revolutionizing law enforcement. With your investment and support, we can significantly improve police departments and the communities they serve across the country.


Take advantage of this rare ground floor investment opportunity and let's make a difference together.

Increases Police Professionalism
Increases Civilian Compliance
Decreases Use of Force

$10B Market Oppty

Truleo AI analyzes 100% of every officer's body cam footage each and every day. Then it automatically flags incidents of poor behavior, use of force, profanity, frisking and more. That way chiefs and commanders can intervene and course correct early. It also identifies good behavior so that officers can be recognized and rewarded.

Currently less than 0.001% of body cam footage is ever watched or reviewed, and that's typically when something really bad happens - which is too late.

How Do I Invest?

Truleo has opened up investment to the public through StartEngine's investment platform for a limited time. Now any accredited investor can join our pool of VC's and own equity in Truleo at this early stage.

To begin, simply enter your information below, click Invest Now, and you'll receive an email with a link to our investment page. If you're new to StartEngine, you'll have to fill out their application to create an investor account. This usually takes 10 minutes or less. Once approved you can instantly fund your investment in Truleo.

Success! Check your email for a link to the investment page.

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